Blended learning, STEAM chances, and new on-line education opportunities are just a couple of applications which make MUSD stick out in our neighborhood. Students may track their own progress and view all their classroom info utilizing StudentVUE! They will have access to the same information using Synergy StudentVUE. To make an account, you will require an activation key that is given by your personal school. Sierra Linda High School went up against a number of other high schools all over the state. If you are a newcomer to the district and also don’t get your correspondence, please fill this form. If further clarification is essential, parents must speak to the instructor directly. In case you have any questions about your kid’s grades or presence, speak to your kid’s teacher. For those who have questions concerning grades or presence, get in touch with your instructor.

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In case you have questions regarding your name and password, then get in contact with your school TSS. In case you have any queries regarding your account, such as pass codes, then speak to the ParentVUE Building Coordinator at your kid’s school. The option to delay or near schools isn’t taken lightly. There’s no registration strategy. Email isn’t a secure method of transmitting data. Such is also true for our pupils who miss an excessive quantity of school. Select whether you’re a parent or a pupil. In rare conditions, a parent may have multiple unique keys and can not observe each of their pupils in the exact account.

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Parents can reset their own passwords. Parents and students will be provided a individual username and password. Consider every time a kid is actually angry. Or believe when he or she has no care in the world and he’s skipping round the jungle gym with ease. Abuse of this website may come from the loss of access privileges. You need to be sure to modify your password when you log in to ParentVUE the very first moment. An activation key will be needed to login to ParentVUE for your very very first moment.

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The ParentVUE login provides you access to information for every one of your children registered in CFSD schools. To reactivate your account call your son’s or daughter’s college. For the aims of these instructions, you’ll be creating an account to your parent. Please be aware that emergency contact information may not be updated via the parent accounts. If you aren’t able to get all your children, call the faculty of the child you’re not able to access. Now you have access to an on-line course selection portal site for your 2016-2017 academic calendar year. ParentVUE information is going to be distributed to basic households from the student’s homeroom teacher. In ParentVUE, you are able to observe the advice for each one of your pupils.

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Please phone the office if you will need assistance. Entering course requests happens via your kid’s StudentVUE account. In case you haven’t received that letter, get in contact with the faculty. Yes your ParentVUE login will provide you access to every one of your kids. Please contact the principal office of the faculty for the student you are not able to see in ParentVUE to repair this matter. StudentVUE is an internet service which gives students the tools to remain educated in their schooling. StudentVUE is the site for pupils.